Zirconia beads

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6.0 Zirconia beads(ZMZY)
Main chemical composition:ZrO2 +Y2O3
Specific gravity:6.0±0.1g/cm3
Bulk density:3.8±0.1g/cm3
Moh's hardness: 9

Humo Company applied unique roll polishing technology, which ensures the sphericity and density of the product, and without cracking. The company applies advanced kiln sintering technology; and with a longtime of high temperature sintering, the wearing-resistance microcrystal structure has formed. The property stability during the procedure is ensured. The raw material with high-white degree, high finesse degree is applied in order to resist the pollution of the materials. We can select grinding medium with different density according to different grinding equipments and objects customers have. (And can also custom made the beads with needed density and specification requiredby customers)
Zirconia beads
Matching application:Various types of grinding machines, especially the large grinding machine Medium viscosity, the grinding of the solid content in the range of 40-90% 

Product Specification Product Size(mm)
Chemical Compostion Zr02+Y203 0.5~0.8
Various specification products
Specific Gravity 6.0g/㎝³
Bulk Density 3.75g/㎝³
Hardness 8~9

Application range:It can be used for ultra-fine grinding of relatively soft non-metallic powder such as Superfine heavy CACO3、kaolin, paint, ink, etc. Micron and sub-nanometer materials are made with advanced technology: the technical indicators and performance reached the international advanced level. It requires "zero pollution" and is mainly used in high viscosity, ultra-fine grinding and dispersion of high hardness materials.

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